Shelly Galliah

Shelly Galliah


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  • Instructor in Professional and Technical Communication
  • PhD, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI
  • MA, BSc Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Shelly Galliah, Visiting Instructor in Professional and Technical Communication, is currently finishing an interdisciplinary project that combines popular culture, science communication, comedy studies, and big data analysis; in her dissertation, she analyzes the risky, but powerful potential of satirical comedy to correct climate change disinformation as seen through the lens of YouTube comments. Scientific controversies, particularly manufactured scientific controversies (manufactroversies), along with the pedagogical potential of both comedy and science fiction, have long been recurring interests of hers.

Her upcoming projects include a book chapter that investigates Jimmy Kimmel as a celebrity science communicator, a piece (for MLA’s Teaching Series) that discusses using comedy to convey science fiction tropes, and an encyclopedia entry that argues the elitist underpinnings of Mike Judge’s Idiocracy.

Along with Professional and Technical Communication, Shelly has also taught Composition, Science Fiction, Perspectives, and Popular Culture at Michigan Tech, as well as Literature, Argument & Analysis, and Grammar at previous institutions.