Payroll Resources

Each school or college sets up the roles and responsibilities for the administration of employee pay.  The resources on this web page will help you comply with the requirements of Payroll Services.  For access to Banner Human Resources, please submit the Request Form.


There are many Payroll resources available to employees on Banweb under the Employees tab.  For more information or help on using these resources, see What is Banweb.


Gross Up Calculator
The Gross Up Calculator is used to increase the net amount to include tax deductions that would be incurred by the recipient. This means that they would receive the full amount of the bonus. In the Final Amount To Be Given entry field, enter the amount of the bonus you are receiving. This is the only editable field in the spreadsheet and other fields have static rates.

IRS Withholding Calculator
This calculator will notify you if you are required to give your employer a new Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.  To use this calculator, have your most recent pay stub and income tax forms ready.


Time Sheet 
A manual time sheet that can be filled in and printed.

Payroll Processing Calendar
Visit here for payroll deadlines and other important dates.

Commonly Used Earning Codes Listing

Compensatory Time Record

Payroll Reports

The Payroll Reports Handbook has step-by-step instructions on how to run payroll labor reports.  Gross earning reports are available with various sort options.  For more information on reports available to you, contact the Human Resources Information Services staff at 906-487-1894.

Online Reports:

Payroll Account Code Listing:
Run Finance Discoverer Report FYGCHT051 for current account list.  If you need access, fill out a Finance Access Request Form.

Pay Policies and Procedures

Payroll Standard Practice Guidelines

Additional Compensation

Payroll Instructions For Teaching & Summer External Funding

Payroll Distribution in Account Statements
2014-15 | 2013-14 | 2012-13 

Off-cycle Payroll Check Authorization

Requests for Account Distribution Change have been replaced with an EPAF.   

Summer Compensation Policy

Summer Session Instructions

Off-Semester Appointment Request and Certification Form


A complete list of Payroll Services forms are available to download.