Dean and Chair Hiring Process

During the hiring process, our goal is to attract high quality individuals to Michigan Tech who will be successful and make significant positive contributions to the education of our students and to the University's reputation. For this reason, it is vital to recruit, identify, and select individuals with credentials that support the success and the quality of campus life for all students and all colleagues. In addition, dean, chairs, faculty, and staff hiring play a key role in ensuring a diverse and inclusive campus community for Michigan Tech both now and into the future. 

Dean and Department Chair Hiring Process Phases

The Dean and Department Chair hiring process follows the faculty hiring process and the Senate Search Procedures 800.

If a Department is considering the use of a third party recruiter or search firm, keep in mind that Human Resources:

  • Must be contacted to initiate this process, by calling 906-487-2280
  • Can assist with suggestions of third party recruiter or a search firm
  • Must be a part of the process to complete the required contract

Also third party recruiter or search firms must:

  • Follow Equal Employment Opportunity laws and practices
  • Treat all applicants equally in all steps of the search
  • Confirm this practice in the contract

Confidentiality Requirements Differ for Dean/Chair Search

Confidentiality requirements are different for a Dean or Department Chair search. All information learned from the search is confidential and must not be discussed outside of the search committee. When a candidate has made it to the short list, information on the candidate will be made available to all department faculty and staff following Senate Search Procedures. The Confidentiality Statement MUST be signed by committee members and sent to Academic Employment Service.

The Dean and Department Chair search process follows both:

  • University Senate Procedures
  • Faculty Hiring Phases/Steps

The search committee MUST integrate BOTH procedures in the search. 

University Senate Procedures

Follow the University Senate Procedure links to each of these searches:

Faculty Hiring Phases

Follow the Faculty Hiring links for each phase.

Phase 1: Preparation 

  • Step 1: Position Authorization and Search Committee Approval
  • Step 2: Writing the Job Description

Phase 2: Recruitment 

  • Step 3: Advertising and Building a Diverse Pool
  • Step 4: Review Diversity of the Applicant Pool

Phase 3: Reviewing Applicant Pool and Interviews

  • Step 5: Review the Applicant Materials
  • Step 6: Narrow the Applicant Pool
  • Step 7: Interviews

Phase 4: Candidate Selection

  • Step 8: Candidate References
  • Step 9: Final Candidate Selection
  • Step 10: Offer Accepted and New Employment Paperwork


Academic Human Resources

Renee Ozanich:

Equal Opportunity Compliance