214 East Street House, MI 49931

214 Front.

 This is the front of the house.

The entrance of 214 east.

 This is the entry way.

The living room.

 This is the living room.

Another view of the living room.

 Another view of the living room.

A third view of the living room.

 Another view of the fireplace in the living room.

The dining room.

 This is the dining room.

A second view of the dining room.

 Another view of the dining room.

The kitchen.

 This is part of the kitchen.

More of the kitchen.

 This is the kitchen.

Bedroom 1.

 This is bedroom #1 on the first floor.


 This is bathroom #1 on the first floor.

Bedroom 2.

 This is the closet in bedroom #2 on the second floor.

More of bedroom 2.

 Another view of the desks in bedroom #2.

Bedroom 3.

 Another view of the beds in bedroom #2.

More of bedroom 3.

 This is bedroom #3 on the second floor.

Bedroom 4.

 Another view of bedroom #3.

More bedroom 4.

 This is the closet bedroom #4 on the second floor.

Bed and desk in bedroom 4.

 Another view of the bed and desk in bedroom #4.

Bed and closet in bedroom 4.

 Another view of the bed and closet in bedroom #4.

Bedroom 5 bed and desk.

 This is bedroom #5 on the second floor.

Bedroom 5 closet and dresser.

 Another view of bedroom #5.

Welcome to the 214 E Street House, part of graduate student housing operated by Residence Education and Housing Services at Michigan Technological University.

Located at 214 East Street, the house offers you the convenience of being close to campus for the ease of going to your graduate office, research lab, and classes. Utilities such as cable, internet, phone, heat, water, refuse, sewer, electricity, and laundry are all included in your monthly rent.

The 214 East Street House sleeps six male students with each student having their own private bedroom. Updated in summer 2013, the house offers new flooring throughout, an updated kitchen, dining room with table and chairs, updated bathrooms, and furnished living room with television. Entrance to the house is controlled by a punch code and each bedroom has a keyed locking door.

Furnishings - Bedroom

Each student has an extra long (80”) twin bed, chest of drawers, desk, desk chair, and  wastebasket. A wardrobe or closet are also provided.

Furnishings - Common Living Area

The common living areas provide:

  • living room - television, soft seating (one couch and two chairs, and two end tables with lamps)
  • dining area - table with chairs
  • kitchen - refrigerator, microwave, electric cooktop, and electric oven


Internet is included in your monthly rent and is provided by Michigan Tech Information Technology. The internet connection is a wireless connection only. You will be able to connect using your ISO username and password.


Cable is included in your monthly rent and is provided by Michigan Tech Information Technology. A television is provided to the house in the common living space for your convenience.


There is one phone provided in the common living area of the house.

Meal Plans

Meal plans are not required for students living in the 214 East Street House. An optional Top Dog Express Meal Plan is available for 214 East Street House residents to purchase on the MyMichiganTech portal. If you are interested in exploring your on-campus meal options, please visit Dining Services.


The garage of the house is used by the University and is not available for storage or vehicles. Therefore, parking is not available at the house as it must be kept clear for University access to the garage. Parking permits are available in residential lots. Please visit Transportation Services located in the Administration Building Room 100 for more information.


Monthly rates in the house located 214 East Street for July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024 are as follows:

  • Efficiency (small) Single - $460
  • Standard Single - $590
  • Deluxe (large) Single - $650

House Description

214 East Street is a two story house with an additional basement. You enter the house on the first floor. In a counter clockwise motion from th entry, you will pass through the living room (16'3" x 13'9"), dining room (13'6" x 17'2"), and kitchen (12'7" x 12'4"). From the kitchen, you can enter a bedroom (12'7" x 7'2") on the right or return to the entry on the left. There is a bathroom (12'7" x 6'5") located in the hallway between the kitchen and bedroom. There are also stairs off the kitchen that lead to the unfinished basement (25'1" x 29'2") with on-site laundry machines.

The stairs between the kitchen and the entry will take you to the second floor where there are four bedrooms (10'6" x 17'3"), (7'7" x 14'), (9'7" x 11'10"), (11'2" x 9'5"). Each bedroom has their own closet. At the top of the stairs, on the left side of the landing is a shared bathroom.

View a copy of the house's floor plan.


Storage is not available in the house during the summer months or at other times when the student does not have an active contract. However, during an active contract, limited storage is available in the house basement.