Pandemic and Public Health-Informed Policies

Residence Education and Housing Services aims to protect the health and safety of our residence hall students while minimizing the potential spread of disease within our community. In the event of a pandemic or any other public health crisis, the University may put in place additional guidelines for the safety of the community.  When these events arise, students are responsible for following the protocols provided by MTU Health and Safety levels and the general guidelines listed below.

Health and Safety

As a member of the Michigan Tech community, you and your guests are equally responsible for complying with all Michigan Tech and Residence Education and Housing Services COVID-19 related regulations and policies, just as you are responsible for the regulations directly printed on the Residence Hall Terms and Conditions. As public health guidance changes, our protocols and guidelines will adjust accordingly. Some examples include, but are not limited to: social distancing of at least six feet, wearing a face covering when not in your room, abiding by testing and contact tracing requests, daily symptom monitoring, limiting gatherings, following cleaning protocols, limiting guests in residential spaces, and abiding by quarantine or isolation requirements. You will be notified of any changes to protocols and guidelines through your Michigan Tech email and you must respond to those appropriately.

Quarantine or Isolation

If exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19, Residence Education and Housing Services may request or require a student to leave their assigned space and reside in an alternative space provided by the university until it is determined safe to return to your assigned space based on current CDC guidance and advice from the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department. Removal from your assigned room to isolate does not constitute a termination of the residence hall contract.  In addition, Residence Education and Housing Services may request or require that a student isolate or quarantine in their assigned space until it is determined safe to return to the campus community based on current CDC guidance and advice from the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department. All students are encouraged to prepare an isolation bag of essential items in the event they get sick.  We have prepared a list of recommended items to consider in an isolation bag.


Residence Education and Housing Services, along with Facilities Management, will continue to thoroughly clean and disinfect community spaces. In order to maintain cleaning standards, students may be asked to use alternate restrooms to accommodate cleaning protocols. Facilities staff will clearly display restroom cleaning times on each restroom door. It is essential that students refrain from entering restrooms during their designated cleaning times. Other common areas may also close temporarily for cleaning. While cleaning procedures have been enhanced, it is not possible for Facilities Management to clean surfaces or spaces between each use. Personal hygiene and individual cleaning are the safest way to reduce exposure to a contaminated surface.

Visitation, Guest and Capacity Limits

During a pandemic, the University must prioritize the safety of the community and may install policies that will restrict visitation and capacity from individual rooms and common area spaces.  Visitation and capacity restrictions will be contingent on the needs of the pandemic and tied to the campus Health and Safety level with the following guidelines. 

Health and Safety Level One
Standard visitation policies apply.  No capacity limits in resident rooms.                                
Health and Safety Level Two
Who can visit? MTU guests and non-MTU visitors
How many can visit a resident at a time? Two guests/visitors
Limits to number of individuals in a resident room at the same time? Yes.  No more than the bed count plus one.
Health and Safety Level Three
Who can visit? MTU guests.  Visitation prohibited for non-MTU visitors

How many can visit a resident

at a time?

Two guests/visitors

Limits to number of individuals 

in a resident room at the same time?

Yes.  Same as Level Two.
Health and Safety Level Four
Who can visit? MTU guests that live in the same hall.  Visitation prohibited for MTU guests who don’t live in the hall and non-MTU visitors
How many can visit a resident at a time? One MTU guest that lives in the same hall
Limits to number of individuals in a resident room at the same time? Yes.  No more than two individuals in a double and no more than two in a single (triples/quads are doubles)
Health and Safety Level Five
All visitation is prohibited in residence hall rooms.  Capacity cannot exceed occupancy.     

In the event of a public health crisis, students may be required to have their non-Michigan Tech visitors complete a Visitor Symptom Tracker prior to the visitors arrival and ensure they are following all safety protocols in place during their visit. Students, as hosts, are responsible for their visitors/guests at all times and are expected to prohibit visitors/guests that exhibit COVID-19 symptoms from being on campus.

In addition, Residence Education and Housing Services may establish different rules or restrictions on all or a specific residence hall at any time in order to address viral outbreaks or risks for outbreaks that have been identified by the University’s testing and monitoring programs.

Speak Up

Don’t ignore inappropriate behavior; speak up if you feel comfortable doing so, or find an RA or REC if you need help addressing a situation or behavior that puts our community at risk. Help to hold your friends accountable by reminding them to wear a mask, wash their hands, and stay home when they don’t feel well. If you are concerned about another student who is experiencing symptoms, you can report a concern on the Dean of Students website. 

Through our own language and conduct, we must demonstrate that health and tolerance are compatible values. Both are central elements of educational excellence.

Michigan Tech does not tolerate discrimination or harassment. As a University, we strive to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff are able to study, work, teach, and learn in an environment that is healthy, safe, and free from bias or discrimination.

For more information or assistance, contact the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at or 906-487-2920, or Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX at or 906-487-3310. You can also report a concern.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Your Residence Hall Contract is the basic document that states the contractual obligations between you and Michigan Technological University Residence Education and Housing Services.  As part of this agreement, you, as a resident student, are responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures found in the Living Guide, including the Pandemic and Public-Health Informed Housing Policies Section.

There is currently a COVID-19 pandemic.  Being in public spaces, including the Michigan Tech campus, carries a risk of infection with the virus.  While Michigan Tech is taking actions to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission on campus, it cannot guarantee your safety.  Please Be Smart and Do Your Part by following all protocols and guidance from Michigan Tech relating to the mitigation and control of COVID-19, such as wearing face coverings, symptom tracking, and testing.

In addition, by residing in Michigan Technological University’s residence halls, you are assuming the risks associated with communal living and, as in any shared living environment, those risks include potential exposure to contagious viruses, including COVID-19.  You agree to release the University, its agents, and employees from any and all damages, liability, claims, expenses, or loss resulting from or arising out of your use of space within Michigan Technological University’s residence halls, including those related to the potential exposure to contagious viruses like the coronavirus.

If you have any questions related to health and well-being in the residence halls, please contact a professional staff member in Residence Education and Housing Services, or visit