Housing Application Process

All new undergraduate students will apply for housing using their MyMichiganTech online account. Click here to log into MyMichiganTech.

Current, returning, transfer, and graduate applications to live in the residence halls are accepted until March 1 for the next academic year based upon availability.

Assignment Notification

You will be notified of your room assignment for the Fall semester on August 1 on your MyMichiganTech account on your Housing tab. Spring and Summer Semester room assignments are available two weeks prior to the first day of class for that semester. If you submit your housing materials after these dates, you will receive your residence hall assignment when you arrive on campus.

The following information will be included on your MyMichiganTech Housing tab:

Room assignment University address
Name(s) of roommate(s) Check-in date and time
Roommate(s) contact information Check-in location
First day of occupancy Room-and-board rate

For additional information, see the current room-and-board rates. See the Accounting department for a further breakdown of your housing bill and payment information.

Roommate Matching and Assignments

New students do not select their specific room but do have the opportunity to select their roommate. Online roommate matching for new students is available from May 8 - 31 for the upcoming Fall semester. For more information on the roommate matching process, you can view the following walkthrough videos.

Completing your information and profile

Searching for a roommate

Matching with a roommate

Completing and updating you housing contract

Students who agree to be roommates will be assigned to rooms before students who do not match as roommates. New students who do not find an online roommate match are assigned rooms depending on when we receive your housing application. You are encouraged, and it is in your best interest, to submit your application for housing as soon as possible to increase your likelihood of getting your housing preferences. If your first housing preference is filled to capacity when your assignment is made, your other housing preferences will still be considered by housing staff when making a room assignment.  If you lose your scheduled roommate before the Fall semester begins, you will be joined with other student(s) who also lost scheduled roommates.

Room Swap Process

From time to time, students may wish to request a room change after the semester has started. Residence Education and Housing Services respectfully asks all students to stay put in their assigned room during the first two weeks of the semester. This is necessary to assure that all students are able to arrive and move in to their rooms. Some students may be delayed in their travels and must be given the opportunity to arrive.

If the residence halls are filled to capacity, students who have been assigned to temporary room accommodations will be able to Room Swap first. Residence Education and Housing Services will coordinate directly with those students to assist them with the process.

After all students with travel delays are accounted for and all temporary students are settled in permanent rooms, Room Swaps are available to the general student population. Two types of Room Swaps are available.

Any two students may trade with each other. To start this process, the two students should each see their own RA to pick up a Room Swap card. The two students will then come together to the Residence Education and Housing Services office with the Room Swap card, their current assigned keys, and their Husky Cards. Residence Education and Housing Services will then process the request. A student may also request to move to a vacant space within a different double, triple, or quad occupancy room. If a student has moved out or failed to arrive, that vacancy in that double, triple, or quad occupancy room is available for another student to select in the Room Swap process. The student who wants to move should see their RA to request a Room Swap card. The student will come the Residence Education and Housing Services office with the Room Swap card, their current assigned key, and their Husky Card.

Room Swaps to vacant spaces are on a first come first serve basis. Vacant spaces are extremely limited in the Fall semester. Room Swaps are absolutely not permitted during the last two weeks of the Fall semester. This is necessary to keep the residence halls quiet in preparation for finals and to make assignments for new incoming Spring students.