Honors Pathway Program

Apply to the Honors Pathway Program

Who can apply

All highly motivated Michigan Tech students are eligible to apply. We prefer that you have at least four semesters remaining on campus in order to complete the elements of your honors pathway. If you have less time remaining to graduation, but are passionate about your educational goals, please make an appointment to discuss your interests and accomplishments with a Pavlis Honors College advisor.

There is no GPA requirement for application, only your commitment and motivation to achieving your goals and strengthening your Pavlis Honors Abilities. To apply, you should be able to share your vision for incorporating this into your education.

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If you're new to the honors program/have NOT taken HON 1150 in the last two semesters:

In addition to questions about yourself, your focus, and start date,  we'll need a brief video.

Video requirements

Create a video that helps us understand why you have chosen to apply to the Pavlis Honors Pathway Program. Your video may consist of your own edited footage, a video recording of a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation, an autoplay Prezi presentation, or even an essay that you read aloud on video. 

Your video should:

  • Be approximately two minutes long
  • Articulate your personal goals and vision
  • Explain why you want to join the Pavlis Honors Pathway Program
  • Indicate what, if any, area of focus you are considering. If you're unsure of your area of focus, tell us why!

Not sure what to say? Take a look at these videos from previous applicants:
Randy Wilharm | Michael Patrick | Deanna Springgay

If you're a current or recent pre-admission/early admission student

If you applied and were accepted for pre-admission/early admission, and you have completed HON 1150, within the last two terms, simply enroll in HON 2150. We'll use your in-class video as your application video. Our program advisor will be in touch when you start HON 2150 to pair you with an honors advisor.

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