Apply for Early Admission to the Pavlis Honors College

Who can apply

Any accepted, incoming first-year Michigan Tech student can apply for early admission. There is no GPA requirement for application, only your commitment and motivation to achieving your goals and strengthening your Pavlis Honors Abilities.

Applications for Fall 2023 early admissions, and want to opt-in to living in the Pavlis LLC, are due February 19th by 11:59 p.m. 

Applications for Fall 2023 early admissions, and do not want to live in the Pavlis LLC, are due July 1st by 11:59 p.m. 

Please note: while you can still apply at any time, the deadline for consideration for the Pavlis LLC is February 19th, 2023. 

What you will need

In addition to some questions about yourself and your anticipated major at Michigan Tech and a brief personal statement, we'll want to know if you'd like to stay in the Pavlis Living Learning Community (LLC) in Wadsworth Hall.

Personal statement

A 50 word answer to "Which Pavlis honors ability are you most interested in cultivating? Why?" 

The Pavlis LLC

The Pavlis Living and Learning Community (LLC) is a place for first-year honors students of all majors to forge connections that will last through college and beyond.  Pavlis LLC students have their own section on HON 1150: Create Your Pathway, a course that uses design thinking to help you create your own individual path to achieve your personal education, career, and life goals. Located on the ground floor of Wadsworth Hall, the LLC is a good way to learn more about the honors program at Michigan Tech without making the honors program your sole experience.

Please note: Students who submit their Pavlis Early Admissions application by February 19, 2023, will be eligible to live in the LLC. However, space is limited in the LLC; therefore we cannot guarantee placement. Priority in the LLC will be give based on the date their Housing contract is received.

Apply now for early admission