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Pavlis Honors College at Michigan Technological University redefines honors education because student success is more than GPA. Here at Pavlis, students are inspired to lead, create, and define their own success. They become the next generation of scholars who make a difference.

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Congratulations on your acceptance to Michigan Technological University! We're excited that you're considering applying for pre-admission to the Pavlis Honors College. The students featured in the video above are part of the Global Leadership pathway within the Pavlis Honors Pathway Program. Global Leadership is just one of six pathways available to Honors students at Michigan Tech.

Pre-admission status guarantees your placement in the Honors Pathway Program if you choose to apply during the 2019-20 academic year. If accepted, you will be placed in the Pavlis Honors College Living Learning Community on the first floor of Wadsworth Residence Hall. Space in the Pavlis LLC is limited, so priority will be given to those that apply early. You may opt out of living in this community in the application below if you would prefer to live elsewhere. With Pre-admission, you will have the opportunity to engage in special orientation programming, enroll in an exclusive elective course, HON1150 Creating Your Path, and be invited to participate in special programming for first year students in the Pavlis Honors College.

After you've spent some time on campus, you’ll complete your application and choose a pathway tailored to your interests and goals—you will select from:

Ready to apply? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Complete this application, which includes one essay question related to our Honors Abilities, a list of competencies that every Pavlis Honors College student is expected to graduate with. The essay question is: Which honors ability do you believe will be most challenging for you, and why? What are some initial ideas you have about how to push yourself to grow in this area? Your response should be 500-1000 words in length, and please make sure you indicate which honors ability you are referring to at the beginning of the essay.
  2. Have a reference (somebody who is familiar with you as an individual and can comment on your capacity to participate successfully in the Pavlis Honors College) complete a recommendation form. Excellent references include faculty, advisors, supervisors or high school teachers or counselors.

Applications are due April 1 by 11:59pm. Space is limited. Students who apply early will be given priority consideration.

Still not sure if the Pavlis Honors College is right for you? Let our students and alumni share their experiences with you. Or, read about what Honors students do and how they are defining their own success.

Looking for more tangible benefits? We made a list.

If you’re planning a trip to campus, we’d love to meet with you! Email us at to let us know you're coming.

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