Pavlis Honors College


The Michigan Tech Pavlis Honors College supports highly motivated Michigan Tech students from all programs as they achieve the highest standards of academic excellence. The College serves undergraduate students University-wide by providing an academic home for engaging educational programs in leadership, innovation, research, and service.

We encourage the unexpected by challenging the norm. We push you outside of your comfort zone. We urge you not to be a passive player on campus; instead embrace the values of the institution and the reasons you came here. Take charge of your education to create your future.

We embrace the University's values:

  • We Inspire Community by valuing each and every individual’s contribution to our greater mission. Regardless of your background or experience, you bring something important with you when you enter our campus—your perspectives, your creativity, your curiosity, and your skills. We encourage you to share these openly, and be open to others.
  • We Inspire Scholarship by opening the door for you to take charge of your education as soon as you arrive on campus. Explore your interests, develop your understanding of yourself and our world, and identify your pathway.
  • We Inspire Possibilities by providing opportunities in our programs that take you outside of your comfort zone—to a place where you can apply your skills and knowledge and expand your horizons.
  • We Inspire Accountability by first and foremost valuing integrity. This is one of our core values and the foundation of our programs. We expect this of you and will accept nothing less.
  • We Inspire Tenacity by supporting you through the challenges that you will encounter. There is risk inherent in stepping outside your comfort zone; doing so willingly takes courage, and we applaud your commitment to persevere through adversity.