Mission & Values

Pavlis Honors College at Michigan Technological University redefines honors education because student success is more than GPA. Here at Pavlis, students are inspired to lead, create, and forge their own path to success. They become the next generation of scholars who make a difference.

The Pavlis Honors College is a hub for interdisciplinary, experiential learning at Michigan Tech. As a college:

We value what each individual brings to our community

We celebrate our diversity to build a strong, inclusive, and creative community.

We value reflection and personal growth

We thrive by supporting and challenging each other to become more self-aware and engage in fulfilling endeavors.

We value meaningful relationships

We forge authentic connections with others, allowing us to provide value to those we serve.

We value flexibility and agility

We embrace uncertainty, responding innovatively to the changing needs of society.

At Michigan Tech, we believe that a student’s success should be measured by more than their GPA. Within the Pavlis Honors College, we are redefining honors education to reflect this belief. Here, honors education is about self-motivated, independent-thinking students who take charge of their education and full advantage of all that Michigan Tech has to offer. Students design their own path through the honors program that strategically supports their personal and professional goals. We address society’s need for graduates who possess both depth of knowledge in their chosen field and intellectual breadth obtained through interdisciplinary collaboration, experiential learning and deliberate reflection. Our transformative approach to education cultivates thoughtful, passionate, authentic students who will go on to positively impact the world as innovative scholars and leaders.