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Health Researchers performing a stress test on a treadmill.

If you are a current or prospective undergraduate or graduate student and want to learn more about HRI, our research, or faculty members, please email Grace Schmitz,

HRI Journal Club

The Journal Club provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to meet and discuss current research and publications. To join the Journal Club, please fill out this form. 

Spring 2021 Meetings

Jan 21 : Isaac Wedig (Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology)

Topic: Significance of physical activity and exercise during COVID 

PI: Dr. Steve Elmer

Feb 4 : Alexandra Watral (Cognitive & Learning Sciences)

Topic: Rapid motor decisions

PI: Dr. Kevin Trewartha

Feb 18 : Sodiq Waheed (Chemistry) 

Topic: Selectivity and DNA repairs by proteins

PI: Dr. Christo Christov

Mar 4 : Pegah Kord Forooshani (Biomedical Engineering)

Topic: H2O2 producing microgels: antibacterial and antiviral 

PI: Dr. Bruce Lee

Mar 19 : Manas Warke (Biological Sciences)

Topic: Is rice-based arsenic a major health concern?

PI: Dr. Rupali Datta

Travel Grants

Health Research Institute (HRI) Travel Grants were created to assist with the cost of travel to scientific meetings to present research related to the interests of the HRI. Grants are limited to one per student per academic year. The travel awards are merit based and are up to $250. Evaluation criteria include student status, type of presentation (poster or podium), meeting characteristics, and PI/student involvement in HRI activities.

Application Form


Graduate Student Fellowships

Health Research Institute (HRI) Graduate Fellowships were created to assist with the cost of graduate studies. Progress by the student to degree completion and participation by the PI and student in HRI activities, including grant submissions, will be used to determine final awards. Fellowships are awarded twice a year in the Fall and Spring, with a limit of one award of up to $5000 to be used in one semester. 

Fall Deadline: October 15

Spring Deadline: May 15

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