Gary Fahnenstiel

  • Senior Scientist, Great Lakes Research Center and Michigan Tech Research Institute
  • Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences
  • BS, Biology and Chemistry (cum laude), Eastern Michigan University
  • MS, Biology, Michigan Technological University
  • PhD, Aquatic Ecology, University of Michigan


My interest is the limnology of the Great Lakes.  While my expertise is very limited, i.e,  primary productivity, phytoplankton dynamics, etc.,  I am interested in almost anything to do with the Laurentian Great Lakes.  Moreover, I find it a privilege to have spent my entire life enjoying and studying the Great Lakes.

Research Interests

  • Limnology of the Great Lakes
  • Primary productivity
  • Phytoplankton dunamics
  • Laurentian Great Lakes

Recent Publications

  • Evans, M., G. L. Fahnenstiel, and D. Scavia. 2011. Incidental oligotrophication of North American Great Lakes.Environmental Science & Technology. Env. Sci. Technol. 45:3297-3303.
  • Fahnenstiel, G. L. S. Pothoven, T. Nalepa, H. Carrick, D. Scavia. 2010. Lake Michigan lower food-web: Long-term trends and Dreissenia impact. J. Great Lakes Res. 36:(S3)1-4.
  • Fahnenstiel, G. L. S. Pothoven, T. Nalepa, H. Vanderploeg, D. Klarer, and D. Scavia. 2010. Recent changes in primary production and phytoplankton in the offshore region of southeastern Lake Michigan. J. Great Lakes Res. 36:(S3)20-29.
  • Fahnenstiel, G. L., D. F. Millie, J. Dyble, R. W. Litaker, P. A. Tester, M. J. McCormick, R. Rediske, and D. Klarer. 2008. Microcystin concentrations and cell quotas in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron. Aquat. Ecosyt. Health and Management. 11:190-195.
  • Fahnenstiel, G. L., R. A. Stone, M. J. McCormick, C. L. Schelske, and S. E. Lohrenz. 2000. Spring isothermal mixing in the Great Lakes: Evidence of nutrient limitation in a sub-optimal light environment. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Res. 57:1901-1910.
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