Michael Abbott

Michael Abbott
"Sure, we can do that."


  • Director, Great Lakes Research Center Operations
  • MSBA, Michigan Technological University
  • BS, Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological University


As the director of operations at the Great Lakes Research Center, I get to wear many hats. I provide support for researchers to make sure their work can go off without a hitch. I also ensure our fleet of research and survey vessels are properly maintained—and enjoy lending a hand in the boathouse from time to time.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the GLRC, no one department has ownership over the Center’s resources or equipment. I serve as a liaison between departments, administration, and other stakeholders to ensure that our Center’s vision to be a leading site of Great Lakes investigation is carried out. I also monitor the brick-and-mortar facility’s maintenance and upkeep, and I provide tours of our Center to visitors and scholars.

My degree in biology from Michigan Tech serves me well in my position. I’m no expert, but I speak the language and am able to grasp concepts that our research team explores. I enjoy the opportunity to assist in research conducted by a wide variety of faculty and staff. On the GLRC team, I am the utility infielder; I can operate our ROVs, drive a boat, or run the travel lift. If something needs to happen, I can usually get it done. My masters degree in business has given me the training to be able to quickly analyze various deals and proposals to ensure that they make financial sense.

I have always had an interest in biology, and being part of the Great Lakes Research Center’s staff allows me to work with a team of world-class aquatic researchers—an opportunity I am certainly proud to have.