RV Agassiz

The GLRC’s boathouse is home to the RV Agassiz, a veritable floating classroom used in many outreach and education activities. Custom built for Michigan Tech in 2002, the 36-foot, aluminum-hulled research vessel has a top cruising speed of 30 mph and a cruising distance of over 250 miles. With an array of on-board scientific equipment, a heated pilot house, and electronic navigation tools, the RV Agassiz offers students and educators of all ages a state-of-the-art learning experience. This vessel serves as a link between Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center and Lake Superior—providing a pathway between research, classroom lessons, and hands-on applications.

Resources for Educators

Michigan Tech operates the RV Agassiz for both research and educational outreach.  

Watch PONAR Dredge Research on Lake Superior video
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PONAR Dredge Research on Lake Superior

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