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Post-Secondary STEM Education—Certificate

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Fast Facts

  • Certificate Program will provide an overview of current research and strategies to improve STEM teaching and learning.
  • Developing high-level skills in STEM content areas has become a national priority, as such skills are essential to improving access to advanced educational opportunities and to workplace success.
  • Students will engage in a practicum designed to provide hands-on experiences in STEM teaching, curriculum design, assessment, and/or research based on student interest.
  • Open to all graduate degree and non-degree seeking students with a bachelor's degree in a STEM discipline.

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Post-Secondary STEM Education Graduate Certificate

The Post-Secondary STEM Education Graduate Certificate recognizes development of high-level skills related to development, delivery, and assessment of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instruction.

The certificate is designed to:

  • prepare current graduate students for academic careers through hands-on experience and teaching portfolio development
  • develop skills related to university and community college instruction
  • build competency in education-related research
  • provide functional knowledge of STEM curriculum development and assessment techniques

This certificate requires 15 credits, including one or more STEM Education Practicums. This Practicum is modeled after a typical "student teaching" experience and incorporates a seminar component to promote connections between research-based strategies and student work.

Learn more about the Post-Secondary STEM Education certificate.