Graduate School

Graduate Faculty Council Agenda

September 25, 2018

Approval of previous minutes

Approval of April 24 and September 11, 2018 minutes                                         (2 min.)

Business before the University Senate (none)

  • Member of University Senate in GFC (P. Murthy)                                                          (5 min.)

New Business

  • Graduate student handbook (GLOs, expectations, milestones, and timeline)         (15 min.)
    (P. Murthy)
    • Changing advisors
    • Timely written evaluation of graduate students
  • Retention, attrition, and completion metrics (P. Murthy)                                             (10 min.)
  • Deadlines for dissertation/thesis/report thesis submission (D. Charlesworth)        (10 min.)
  • Ensuring independent opinions on graduate student advisory                                  (5 min.)
    committees (F. Morrison)                  
    • Action item: form a committee

 Old Business

  • Modification of Graduate Faculty Status in Faculty Handbook (F. Morrison)            (5 min.)
    • Action item: vote on proposal
  • "Further Revision of Graduate School Policy Regarding External Membership on   (5 min.)
    Graduate Committees" (F. Morrison)            
    • Action item: vote on proposal
  • Graduate Program Review – A1, B1, and B2 processes. (F. Morrison)                        (10 min., if time permits)