Celebrating Spring 2020 Graduates

Class Tributes

The Class Tribute program lets you recognize and honor someone who has played a special role in your life and in your Michigan Tech education while supporting student scholarships.

Below, graduating class members thank those who have influenced them:

Ellie Bruckner

Thank you to Mom, Dad, Grammy, and Grandpa for supporting me throughout my journey at Tech!

Catherine Carra

Thank you Mom, Dad, Cindy, Dan, & Connor, this day was possible because of you.

Alexandra Costanzo

You're tacky and I hate you. <3

Paige Short

Endless thanks to my wonderful partner, Josh. I would not have succeeded without your support.

Scott Sviland

Thank you Mom and Dad for always believing me and supporting my decisions! Love you!

Sarang Visapure

Mummy, Pappa, and Didi, you guys always believed in me and look how far I have come. I love you all!