Named Faculty Positions

Be part of Michigan Tech's ongoing effort to raise funds that further our tradition of faculty excellence by providing endowed chairs and professorships, faculty development funds, visiting lectureships, and research support for current and prospective faculty.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Universities routinely spend a good deal of money to hire very smart, very qualified faculty. So what difference does it make if the dollars come from an endowment or the general fund?

A big difference, as it turns out. The worth of an endowed chair or professorship doesn’t stop with the dollar amount. These initiatives are a lure for leading academics, and the benefits to a university go far beyond the day-to-day accomplishments of the chairholder.

 "My wife and I both consider ourselves environmentalists, and we also support sustainability."

—Richard '56 and Bonnie Robbins, founders of the Robbins Chairs in Sustainability