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Husky Emergency Assistance Fund

The Husky Emergency Assistance Fund has been established to help members of the Michigan Tech campus community (students and employees) who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of crises both current and in the future.

Recently, Huskies have been affected by the COVID-19 situation. Support from this fund will help provide financial relief for Huskies (students and employees) experiencing unexpected costs.

Those in need at Michigan Tech will benefit from your generous support.

Give Now

Michigan Tech employees can make a gift through payroll deduction using this form. Put "HEAF" in the designation.

Impact of Gifts

“The Husky Emergency Assistance Fund was such a huge help during this pandemic situation we are in. After losing hours at two of my jobs and my full-time summer job falling through, I was worried about how I was going to provide food for myself and pay my rent. I am so grateful for all those who donated and helped me through this strange situation until I was able to find another temporary job!” —Elisha H., student

“Thank you very much to the donors of the Husky Emergency Fund for the generous gift. It helped my family during the pandemic with groceries and propane to heat our home. My husband was not able to work due to the Stay Safe, Stay Home order, and we were having a very difficult time getting through to unemployment. My husband is now back to work and things are slowly improving for us. But without your generous gift, our situation would have been much more tasking. It is truly a blessing working for such a great University. Everyone has been so wonderful, and I am so fortunate to be a Husky.” —Shannon K., employee

“Due to the influence of the coronavirus, I lost my part-time job through a grant-funded after-school program for elementary kids. I live financially independent from my family, and they also experienced hardships through this crisis. I went almost a month without any income. I had drained all of my savings. This emergency fund allowed me to stay afloat until I started getting paid again as I found another job. I was able to use it to pay my rent, electric bill, and groceries, which would have caught up to me very quickly otherwise. The switch to the remote learning system, finding and starting a new job, and my worsening financial situation were all very stressful. This gift allowed me to take a large weight off of my shoulders, and I really appreciate that. When I am in the right position, I will be sure to pay it forward.” —Anonymous student

Apply for Funds

Visit this page for information on how to apply for funds.

See other emergency resource information for students.

See other emergency resource information for employees.