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Revenue Sources

State of Michigan appropriations for higher education have dramatically declined over the past 10 years. State appropriations accounted for 33 percent of Michigan Tech's total revenue in 2003, in contrast to just 17 percent in 2013. Looking at increasing other sources of revenue—including private support from individuals, corporations, and foundations (i.e., Miscellaneous Revenue)—has been necessary for the University to stay in business. (It is important to note that Michigan Tech is a state-assisted, not state-funded, university.)

Alumni Giving Rate

Alumni participation—not gift amount—is key when it comes to Tech’s rankings in lists such as US News and World Report’s Best Colleges rankings. US News weighted the alumni-giving rate at 5 percent in its 2014 rankings. So, your gift of any amount boosts our overall alumni giving participation number. (For more info on the 2014 rankings, click on the pie chart.)

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Why We Ask

Everyone has been there. When you’re just getting established career-wise, chances are you’ll have some lean times ahead as student-loan payments start up and other financial obligations materialize.

We get that.

We hope you’ll consider giving to Michigan Tech at a level that’s right for you. Maybe that’s $5 or $10 to start with--the cost of a fast-food lunch, a Saturday matinee, or a few new apps for your smart phone.

Your Support Is Greatly Needed (and Appreciated)—We’re sure you’ve heard this truism from not only us, but also other state universities: our support from the State of Michigan has declined dramatically over the past 13 years.

The reality is that the University has had to increase other sources of revenue, including private support from alumni, to sustain its operations. You make it possible for us to continue preparing students to create a prosperous, sustainable world.

Every Gift Matters, No Matter the Size—If major gifts are the cornerstone of support for Michigan Tech, smaller gifts are the buildings blocks. There is great strength in numbers; when you combine gifts of $50 or $25, you multiply your impact.

What’s more: each and every alumni gift affects the University’s overall alumni giving participation percentage, which is used to determine the value of a Tech education in lists such as the US News and World Report’s Best Colleges rankings. Let’s keep the Husky pride going strong!