Purchasing Card

University Visa Purchasing Card

Employees who travel on University business are encouraged to charge airline tickets, car rentals, gas for rental cars, lodging, and registration fees to the University Visa purchasing card. An employee may charge University-related travel expenses to the purchasing card when making travel arrangements.

The cardholder is responsible for all charges made to the purchasing card and also for obtaining a receipt of purchases. When using the card to make travel arrangements online, you should print the summary page before submitting the order, print the confirmation email showing the itemized purchase, or contact the company to request a receipt, if necessary.

In the event that the purchasing card is not accepted or the vendor merchant codes are blocked by the University to prevent specific goods/services from being charged, contact the Purchasing Department for assistance.

Allocating Charges

All university purchasing card transactions will automatically feed into the cardholder's profile in Concur within 2-3 days after the post date.  All purchasing card transactions that are not travel related shall be processed in Concur on a  Purchasing Card report.  Travel expenses shall be processed on a Travel &/or Business Meal Expense report.  Employees processing travel expenses for another person shall use a Purchasing Card report and include the traveler's name, business purpose, date and destination of travel in the Comments section.  Each expense added to the report will be allocated to the appropriate expense code.  Concur Travel expense reports must contain the traveler's name, business purpose, date and destination of travel. Original receipts for all items charged to the purchasing card must be uploaded and attached to the report.

Rental-Car Collision Insurance

The University purchasing card provides collision insurance coverage on car rentals; therefore, the traveler should decline the car rental company’s Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW option).


To receive a department purchasing card

  1. complete the Michigan Tech purchasing card application/agreement ; and
  2. obtain the appropriate signatures and return it to the Purchasing Department.

For detailed information on the purchasing card, refer to the procedures for using the Purchasing Card.