Real-World Experience

Gain hands-on, real-world experience while earning credit through one of the School’s applied-learning programs.

The FERM Program

The Forestry and Environmental Resource Management (FERM) program is an innovative Enterprise that provides undergraduate students with hands-on educational opportunities in applied ecology, forestry, and wildlife ecology.

In the FERM, multi-level teams of students gain valuable experience in planning, implementing, and overseeing conservation-oriented management on portions of the School's 5,500-acre forest.

FERM students gain real-world experience as they realize the lasting impacts that their investments of time and energy have on themselves, the School, the community, and our lands.

Check out the FERM’s ongoing projects.

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Capstone–Integrated Resource Assessment

This 4-credit, fall-semester course provides a capstone experience by integrating techniques from many of the applied ecology and forestry core courses. The course covers multi-resource inventory of forested landscapes; description and evaluation of the potential for providing various natural resource outputs; development of GIS information and applications, maps, and other descriptors useful in the analysis of diverse management alternatives.

Fall Camp–Integrated Fall Practicum

Fall Camp at Michigan Tech is a unique experience that blends classroom study with field-based learning opportunities. This semester-long field practicum is designed to prepare students for careers in forestry, applied ecology, or wildlife ecology and management by promoting teamwork; increasing competency in the woods; and challenging participants both mentally and physically.