Research Opportunities

Research activity within the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science is thriving. We attribute our successes—including a top ranking for number of research citations per faculty member—in part to the collaborative atmosphere within the School and the University as a whole. The School is home to two of Michigan Tech's major research centers: the Ecosystem Science Center and the Biotechnology Research Center. Opportunities for collaboration on a multidisciplinary level are available within the Sustainable Futures Institute, the Michigan Tech Research Institute, and the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute, as well as other University areas. The exceptional effort and individual attention put forth by faculty to help students incorporate research into their studies attracts both undergraduate and graduate students to our degree programs.

Our research centers; our research labs and groups; our research production and expenditures; and our new research initiatives together tell the story of an exciting place with exceptional opportunities for students and faculty members alike.

For additional information, visit the Research Partnerships and Research Labs web pages to see all of the exciting research activities going on in the School!

Research Funding Opportunities

Funding for International Research

SFRES Friday Forum Lectures

Friday Forums are an opportunity for faculty members to present their research in an effort to promote understanding of the research being conducted at the School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science as well as encourage collaboration between faculty members.

Blair Orr - January 31, 2014
All those years of unfocused research

Christopher Webster - January 24, 2014
Hunting and land health: the evolving role of hunting in Aldo Leopold's land ethic

Victor Busov - November 15, 2013
From genes and molecular mechanisms to ecological, evolutionary and biotechnological implications

Molly Cavaleri - November 8, 2013
How does 'big science' happen? Adventures in the development of a large-scale climate manipulation experiment in the tropics