Studying root growth

Genetics and Biotechnology—Research

Genetics and biotechnology research at the School focuses on the production of healthier, stronger, and faster-growing trees. Our faculty’s research interests center on forest trees and include population genetics, cell-wall biosynthesis, gene-function prediction, and functional genomics.

Faculty                          Areas of Interests

Functional genomics of plant development; Gibberellins metabolism and signal transduction pathway; Regulation of lateral root formation in relation to abiotic stress; Regulation and evolution of secondary growth in woody perennials; Micro and small RNAs regulation of development and response to environment
Environmental Biogeochemistry; Biogeochemistry of Surface-Atmosphere Exchange; Atmospheric Organic Chemistry; Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Ecological genetics and genomics; Population genetics of forest trees; Conservation genetics; Genetic mapping and QTL analyses; Forensic genetics
Identification of genes regulating complex traits via systems biology approaches; Gene expression data analysis; Gene network construction and decomposition; Developing software for mining large-scale biological data; Genomics of wood formation