Blair Orr

Blair Orr
"That one little mushroom won't hurt me..."
—Anonymous mushroom collector


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Professor, SFRES

  • PhD, Forestry, University of Wisconsin
  • MA, Economics, University of Wisconsin
  • BS, Natural Resources(Majors: Forestry and Soil Science), University of Wisconsin

Community Economics and Development

My graduate interests includes the economics of rural communities and how forests, the natural environment and forest management activities contribute to these communities. I work with graduate students and VISTA, Conservation Legacy, and the Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows programs to facilitate stronger communities in areas that are recovering from the environmental and economic damage from historic mining activities and more broadly to improve quality of life in rural areas.

Many of my publications are in applied ethnobotany and I currently teach an upper-level undergraduate course in ethnobotany that has a focus on global understanding.

I also serve as faculty advisor to the Nordic Ski Club, a large student organization with over 600 members. It snows in Houghton and the university owns two great facilities – Mount Ripley for downhill (plus snowboarding) and Tech Trails for Nordic skiing – so students can take advantage of the great winter environment.

Areas of Expertise

  • Community Economics
  • Forest economics
  • Land use in the Upper Peninsula
  • Ethnobotany

Recent Publications

  • Preston, K. T.G. Pypker, and B. Orr. 2017. Women and fuelwood in Lupeta, Tanzania: constraints to alternative fuels and fuelwood management strategies. J. of Sustainable Forestry. 36(6):555-567.  online:

  • Mejia, G.A., and B. Orr. 2015. Forest management plans in Los Planes de La Palma, El Salvador. Natural Resources 6:527-533.


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