Central Receiving

Central Receiving serves as a receiving area for supplies, equipment, large items and pallets which cannot be directly delivered to the department due to size, weight or contents.  These items often require Facilities grounds personnel to make delivery to the appropriate loading dock. It is imperative that the recipient’s name and department are listed on the packing list.  For these instances, Central Receiving will contact the recipient and make arrangements for delivery to the appropriate loading dock.  If the addressee cannot be notified then the departmental secretary will be notified.  Under no circumstances will large items or pallets be dropped off at a loading dock until someone has taken responsibility for the item(s).


Packages that need to go to Central Receiving due to size or contents should be addressed as follows:

Michigan Technological University
Central Receiving
Your Name - Department
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton MI 49931

We also become the drop off for all packages that have been addressed incorrectly or incompletely. This causes delays in deliveries and a lot of time and effort tracking down the correct person and/or location. To ensure delivery in a timely manner from the carrier, it is imperative that you provide your name and departmental address to be included on the packing slip for all packages. Please use your building name and your departmental main office room number, as a part of your address on all packages. To see if your package is one that could not be delivered, check the undeliverable package page.

The mailing address should read as follows for packages to be delivered directly to your department by the carrier:

Michigan Technological University
Your Name
Building and Departmental Office Room #
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton MI 49931


Central Receiving delivers packages across Campus once a day in the afternoon as our schedule permits. Therefore, packages that came in after the afternoon delivery leaves, whether or not they are labeled “express delivery” will not be delivered until the next day. However you are free to stop by Central Receiving and pick up your package; please be prepared to show identification.

Lastly please note the hours of operation as listed on the Central Receiving website when expecting a delivery or planning a pickup from a carrier.


Central Receiving also serves as a pick up location for large items/freight needing to be shipped out.  No package(s) will be accepted in Central Receiving for shipment without this shipping form. If you have the Shipping Company’s label, make sure it is firmly attached.

Central Receiving does not handle packages that are classified as U.S. Mail. The Campus Bookstore and Mail Services offer USPS, Fed Ex and UPS small package shipping. To learn more about their services you can visit their website at http://www.mtu.edu/umc/services/mail/ and http://www.bookstore.mtu.edu/michtech/ respectively.

Personal Packages

The Central Receiving Department prohibits the use of its resources for receipt of or delivery of personal material. Personal material should be sent to the individual’s mailing address. If personal packages are received at Central Receiving, the recipient will be contacted and directed on the proper procedures for receiving personal property. Neither Central Receiving nor the University will be responsible for personal packages if it becomes delayed, damaged or lost.


Q. I'm looking for an order placed and the vendor says it went to Central Receiving.

A:  Contact Central Receiving at 487-2701.

Q. I tracked my package on-line and it indicates that Central Receiving personnel signed for it this morning. When can I expect to receive it?

A. Central Receiving tries to do package deliveries every afternoon. However, that is dependent on the volume and the ability to track down the recipient if it is inadequately labeled…. i.e. missing building & room, missing department, missing name. 

For large freight and bulk items, Central Receiving will make arrangements with the department for delivery.

Q. I want to ship out a freight item(s), item(s) over 150 pounds. How do I go about it?

A.  Complete the Shipping Request Form and send to Central Receiving.  Additionally you can call Central Receiving at 487-2701 to discuss carriers available and make arrangements for pickup.