Step 8: What can you do?

Education is essential to the establishment of a campus that is free of sexual harassment. When we take our responsibilities seriously, we can protect against the behavior that threatens the careers, educational experience, and well being of others.

  • Intervene: Recognize the signs of harassment and act as a responsible member of the Michigan Technological University community, as a student, staff member, or faculty.
  • Listen: Practice active listening, either whether you are involved in a harassment situation, or providing guidance.
  • Be open about it: If you feel you are the victim of harassment, report it; if you witness it, talk to someone about it; if you are in an uncomfortable situation, report it.
  • Consider the consequences: Everything you do will affect others in some way, good or bad.
  • Promote awareness: Offer to hold SH training sessions or to distribute SH awareness materials in your department, dorms, or academic unit.