Step 4: Quid Pro Quo—Types of Sexual Harassment

There are three types of sexual harassment; we will be looking at each in turn.

Quid Pro Quo means this for that. In sexual harassment cases, it means promotions, benefits, and other gifts in exchange for sexual favors. Alternatively, it can apply in a reversed situation, such as a denial of promotions, benefits, or deserved recognition because sexual favors were not received.


Amy is a new member at the office, but she believes she is one of the hardest workers there. Amy believes she works more than Amanda, who doesn't seem to do much work at all, even though Amanda has more seniority and should have more responsibility. There was a promotion advertised within the company last week and Amy thought she was guaranteed the promotion. However, Amanda got it instead. Amanda could have gotten it because of her seniority, but Amy suspects the reasons are Amanda's low cut blouses, short skirts, and rumors that she does some "extra" things for the manager.

This is a difficult situation, because if the rumor is true, then not only is Amanda getting a promotion for sexual favors but Amy is being passed up because she is not performing sexual favors. However, there is nothing but speculation as to exactly what the reasoning behind Amanda's promotion.

The following clip is an example of Quid Pro Quo Harassment.


Quid Pro Quo Harassment