Staff Hiring Forms

Forms for Staff Hiring

  • Position Authorization Form
    Before any position can be posted, a position Authorization form must be completed. To complete the form you must seek the appropriate approval through the Manager/Director and then send the completed form to Human Resources.
  • Purchase Requisition Form
    If you are not using a purchasing card, then a purchase requisition form must be completed to pay for the placement of job advertising.
  • Confidentiality Statement
    Search committee members must sign the Confidentiality Statement.
  • Equal Opportunity Self Disclosure Form
    The EEO form must be sent to all applicants. It can be sent via email or by US postal service. The form is returned to the Institutional Equity Office by the candidate. If your application process is entirely online, then the Institutional Equity Office will automatically receive the EEO information. Otherwise, send email addresses of all candidates to If you do not have an email address and are sending by US mail call the Institutional Equity Office (487-3310) for forms.
  • Staff Hiring Activity Record (SHAR)
    The SHAR should include an explanation of why every person that submitted a resume/application was not selected.

Special Forms

  • Posting/Search Waiver
    In cases where the suitable candidate is identified and circumstances meet requirements, such as a candidate receiving assistance through Dual Career and is qualified for the position, posting the job or searching for additional candidates can be waived.