How To Write a Job Description

Whether an open position is a replacement or a new position, it is important that at the time of the opening, a job description be developed. Be aware that setting requirements too high may ultimately end up in reposting the position, while setting them too low gives the wrong impression about the position.

The minimum requirements are the benchmarks against which all applicants will be measured. Therefore, those requirements must be appropriate, realistic and reasonable. Identify minimum, essential requirements in the areas of degrees, experience, knowledge, skills, and personal traits. Additional preferred qualities can also be identified.

As a member of the interview committee, you may be part of the development of the job description or it may already have been completed. Either way, you need to have a solid sense of the position and what duties the person in that position will be expected to perform. If you can answer the question, “What qualifications will a person need to succeed in the position as it has been defined?”, you will be well on your way to making a suitable match. Forward your completed description to Employment Services for review.

Contact Employment Services for additional information and/or assistance during the writing of the description.