Institutional Equity

National and Online Advertising and Recruiting

The following list is suggested organizations, print publications, or websites where your job advertisement could be posted to best match the appropriate applicant pool. Please verify the cost before making a posting decision. Online advertising should not be the only form of advertising since it is not accessible by all.

General Advertising Resources

Misc. Diversity Recruitment Resources

Women Recruitment Resources

  • American Association of University Women (AAUW)
  • Association for Women in Mathematics (
  • Association for Women in Science
  • Society of Women Engineers (
  • Women in Higher Education Jobs (
  • WEPAN (Women in Engineering Program Advocates Network) – If you wish to post a position with WEPAN, please email your position announcement to: Leonard Bohmann ( ). 

Veteran Recruitment Resources

Disability Recruitment Resources

Asian Recruitment Resources

Black Recruitment Resources

Hispanic Recruitment Resources

Native American Recruitment Resources

Department Web-Page

  • Departments Web-page - make sure you have the EEO statement on the web-page

Misc. Directories Available from the Provosts Office

  • Women and Minorities Enrolled in Doctoral or Terminal Degree Programs at Selected Institutions of Higher Education

Membership Directories

  • Faculty members may be able to identify people they know, or know by reputation, who can be contacted as sources of potential candidates.