Institutional Equity

Institutional Equity Training

Michigan Technological University is committed to sustaining a working and learning environment where students, faculty, and staff can develop intellectually, professionally, personally, and socially.  It is everyone's responsibility to work toward eliminating discrimination and harassment, and to do so, we must be informed. The costs and hardships related to these issues have been well documented. Michigan Tech employees are often role models for peers and students to learn appropriate professional habits, so your understanding of the issues and setting standards of conduct are essential. We encourage continued training on these important issues and can assist in providing information and resources.

Personalized training may be developed to fit your departmental needs. Institutional Equity is available to attend your staff or departmental meetings to present information on the following  issues:

  • harassment/discrimination/retaliation based on protected class 
  • accommodations for disability
  • access and inclusion
  • equity in the hiring process
  • Title IX

Michigan Tech has contracted with Everfi, a digital learning platform, to offer a wide variety of online courses for employees. 

Harassment and Discrimination Courses

  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention – Raises awareness of protected characteristics to promote a harassment and discrimination free workplace.
  • Bridges: Building a Supportive Community - Trains employees how to recognize, report and prevent sexual misconduct against students.
  • Bullying in the Workplace – Trains managers and employees how to recognize and prevent workplace bullying.
  • Accommodating Disabilities – Provides an overview of the process of accommodating individuals with disabilities and federal disability laws.

Please contact Institutional Equity for more training information and additional course offerings.

Search Committee Training

Human Resources and Institutional Equity provide online training for all faculty and staff who wish to be certified to sit on a search committee.

Faculty certification includes completion of the Diversity Literacy Workshop and Legal Aspects. For more information, visit Diversity Literacy Workshops.

Staff certification is a two part series of online workshops that covers best practices in hiring and legal aspects. For more information, visit Staff Search Committee Certification.

Title IX Training and Workshops

In an effort to reduce the risk of gender discrimination, and sexual misconduct such as sexual harassment and sexual violence, including the crimes of rape, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence occurring among students and employees, Michigan Tech utilizes a range of campaigns, strategies, and initiatives to promote awareness, education, risk reduction, and prevention programming and training.  For more information, visit Title IX Awareness and Training.

Soft Skills eLearning

From the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, this is training for students and employees to advance their soft skills.

Accessible Technology Training Resources

From the Accessible Technology Working Group, these Training Resources assist the Michigan Tech community in making ICT accessible for everyone.