Institutional Equity

Applicant Flow Log (AFL)

Institutional Equity is required to keep information on every person who has submitted a resume/application. This information is collected using an Applicant Flow Log (AFL). The AFL is completed electronically through PeopleAdmin during the search process.

The Applicant Flow disposition codes

Final disposition of the applicant:

  • CHE - Considered, Will Hire, External
  • CHI - Considered, will Hire, Internal
  • CF - Considered, Finalist -reviewed application, made it to short list. Short list is the list of applicants you might consider interviewing now or in the future for this position
  • CD - Considered, Declined - when an applicant was offered the position and declines the offer
  • CW - Considered, Withdrew – applicant withdrew from position before an offer has been made
  • CN - Considered, Not Hired -reviewed application, did not make it to short list
  • CNQ - Considered, Not Qualified - applicant was disqualified during any stage of the interview process
  • NN – Not Considered/Not Hired – did not review application
  • NQ – Not Qualified
  • CBC - Considered, Failed Background Check
  • WS - Withdrew by System (People Admin)
  • NQS - Not Qualified by System (People Admin)

Additional Workflow Options

The following option can be used when selecting candidates for initial interview. This option keeps an applicant in the pool. A reason stating why the applicant is not receiving an interview, at this time, must be sent to Institutional Equity.

  • Move to Review by Department/Committee – 2nd Level Review

The following option can be used if a candidate would still be considered for hire if the desired candidate declines an offer. A reason of non-selection stating why this candidate was not the desired candidate must be given.

  • CF – Considered Finalist (may still consider)