Enterprise Teams

101. Blizzard Baja Enterprise

Michigan Tech’s Blizzard Baja Enterprise builds a single-seat, off-road competition vehicle to compete in the SAE Collegiate Design Series-Baja events held in various locations across the US. The team prepares and presents a written design report, cost analysis, and sales presentation for a panel of SAE judges. After passing a rigorous safety and technical inspection, we compete with other collegiate teams on acceleration, hill climb, maneuverability, suspension, and endurance. The Blizzard Baja Enterprise also organizes and hosts the Winter Baja Invitational event, along standing University tradition dating back to 1981.

102. Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Michigan Tech’s Clean Snowmobile Challenge Enterprise builds snowmobiles to compete in the SAE Collegiate Design Series Clean Snowmobile Challenge held in Eagle River, Wisconsin. As part of the competition, the team submits an engineering design paper, determines a justified MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), and presents an oral design presentation outlining its approach to clean snowmobile conversion. Following a comprehensive technical inspection, the vehicles undergo dynamic testing, including acceleration, handling, cold start, noise, and emissions. The Clean Snowmobile Challenge Enterprise typically competes in both the gasoline and diesel categories.

103. Formula SAE

Formula SAE Team Photo

Formula SAE Logo

Michigan Tech’s Formula SAE Enterprise builds a competition vehicle based on the concept of an affordable race car geared toward the weekend autocrosser. The team competes in SAE Collegiate Design Series Formula SAE events held in various locations nationwide. For the competition, the team prepares a written design report, a cost analysis, and a business case to present to a panel of judges. After passing a technical inspection, the vehicle competes in a series of dynamic events, including acceleration, skid pad, autocross, endurance, and efficiency. Michigan Tech Formula SAE has a long history of top-performing cars and has gained a reputation for developing cutting-edge designs that help shape the future of racing.

104. Supermileage Systems

Supermileage Systems Enterprise (SSE) is a part of the Advanced Motorsports team and the goal of SSE is to build a single-occupant, high-efficiency vehicle that competes every year in April. SSE most recently placed 3rd with 958 MPG at the 2022 SAE Supermileage Competition with the previous vehicle. Now, the team is designing a brand-new vehicle to compete at Shell Eco-Marathon. For the powertrain, the team currently has a small displacement internal combustion engine. The team is structured similarly to a company putting emphasis on project management, mentorship, project coordination, and team management. SSE is composed of three technical teams, the Body, Engine, and Electrical teams. The team is taking on new projects every semester with the goal of continuously improving the efficiency of the vehicle in order to stay competitive against national and international teams in April. While at competition, the team must pass a technical inspection, the vehicle must complete a dynamic performance event where miles per gallon (MPG) is measured.

105. Advanced Metalworks

Advanced Metalworks Enterprise (AME) is composed of a diverse team of students who execute research and development projects for industrial sponsors. Interdisciplinary teams of four to five students model, fabricate, and characterize metallic systems such as aluminum, iron, zinc, titanium, and nickel-based alloys. AME helps industry sponsors increase productivity, identify causes of material failures, design near net castings, develop advanced material modeling techniques, and more.

106. Aerospace

The Aerospace Enterprise was established to provide hands-on aerospace education and experience to Michigan Tech undergraduate students. The Enterprise works together on innovative and relevant aerospace-related projects, with all members contributing toward achieving specific project goals. The Aerospace Enterprise emphasizes space mission design and analysis, vehicle integration, systems engineering, and comprehensive ground testing and qualification.

107. Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Enterprise (AEE) provides opportunities for students in multiple academic disciplines to research and develop alternative energy sources. Projects, research, and development are done in conjunction with industry sponsors to produce viable solutions to real-world energy problems. Each team is interdisciplinary and receives rewarding hands-on experience while working on challenging real-world problems and seeking innovative solutions.

108. Blue Marble Security

Blue Marble Security (BMS) Enterprise is a student-led Enterprise that focuses on securing the future through the thoughtful use of technology. The team specializes in engineering design and product development. BMS has developed a culture that fosters high professional standards, creativity, and productivity. BMS defines the word “national security” through the provision of technological support to the defense, corporate economy, and personal well-being of the nation and all its people.

109. Built World Enterprise

The Built World Enterprise (BWE) addresses challenges typically solved by civil and environmental engineers including designing infrastructure and solving waste management problems.

110. CinOptic Communication and Media

The CinOptic Communication and Media Enterprise enables students to develop video design and production skills. By balancing the creative and technical aspects of video, the primary goal is to focus on client needs and expectations, while developing artistically-engineered products. Capitalizing on team member creativity and technical strengths, CinOptic provides an opportunity for those involved to broaden their education in the media industry through real-world business experiences.

111. Consumer Product Manufacturing

Consumer Product Manufacturing (CPM) Enterprise aspires to empower students with the entrepreneurial, technical, and professional skills to conceive, develop, and successfully market products in a company-like setting. Students on the team come from many disciplines and use hands-on experiences to identify and solve real-world engineering problems. CPM aims to exceed company sponsors' expectations, improve consumers' lives through innovation, and develop our team members into highly marketable professionals.

112. General and Expedition Adventure Research (GEAR)

The focus of the General and Expedition Adventure Research (GEAR) Enterprise is to design, model, test, prototype, and manufacture a wide variety of goods and equipment used in recreational outdoor and commercial expedition endeavors. Team members analyze and develop innovative solutions on both internal and industry-sponsored projects. GEAR has worked on soft and hard goods related to backpacking, camping, climbing, snowshoeing, kayaking, canoeing, mountaineering, and military applications.

113. H-STEM Enterprise

The H-STEM Enterprise provides students with project-based experiences  aiming to improve human health. The team includes students from various backgrounds (e.g., biology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, exercise science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, medical lab science, and robotics). These students work collaboratively on rehabilitation engineering, healthcare, and public health projects.

114. Hotforest

HotForest aims to innovate technologies and services that advance the circular bioeconomy. An alternative to the current make, use and dispose practice of the linear economy, the circular bioeconomy is a model for renewable, regenerative practices where we extract maximum value from resources we use, keep them in use as long as possible, and recover and regenerate materials for additional service lives.

115. Humane Interface Design (HIDE)

Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE) team members collaborate to design, develop, and evaluate user interfaces. The goal is to make daily work more efficient and easier to manage. The team works together to design and test different applications for industry sponsors that can be used on Android, iPhone, and other devices. HIDE accomplishes these projects by combining knowledge from multiple disciplines (e.g., computer science, psychology, and human factors). HIDE team members can get involved in various stages of the design process, from developing an app by programming to evaluation by designing usability tests and analyzing data.

116. Husky Game Development

Husky Game Development (HGD) is a student-run Enterprise focused on developing video games. This semester, HGD has 15 sub teams working on different game projects. Students experience a full game development cycle including ideation, design, playtesting, and releasing a final product. HGD uses a diverse set of tools and engines. Our games target a variety of platforms including desktop, web, mobile, and an on-campus arcade cabinet.

117. Innovative Global Solutions

Innovative Global Solutions (IGS) pursues solutions for the needs of developing countries, making contributions toward solving Grand Challenges. Team members improve technical skills and gain hands-on experience with an international engineering project. Typical project areas focus on energy, water, health, education, entrepreneurship, transportation, infrastructure, and more.

118. IT-Oxygen

IT Oxygen is a student enterprise dedicated to developing student skills through real-world industry experience. We provide the experiences necessary to progress in the ever-changing world of cutting-edge software development, networking, security, system administration, and business. This includes problem-solving, teamwork experience, and sharpening communication skills.

119. Multiplanetary Innovation Enterprise (MINE)

The Multiplanetary INnovation Enterprise (MINE) seeks to design, test, and implement innovative technologies built to withstand extreme conditions in space or here on Earth. MINE works in interdisciplinary teams across multiple projects to solve current and future challenges across multiple fields, especially in the emerging field of space mining.

120. Open Source Hardware

Open Source Hardware specializes in building low-cost alternatives to expensive hardware/software, and then sharing the designs with the commons so that collaborative improvements can be made rapidly. Anyone can make changes or updates to the designs the Enterprise team creates—through this process, designs are improved at a much higher rate than would be possible within the Enterprise alone. Open source is all about collaboration.

121. Robotic Systems

The Robotic Systems Enterprise (RSE) focuses on seamlessly integrating exceptional knowledge in electronics, robotics, and programming to solve real-world engineering problems. All majors are welcome—the team depends on more than just the skills and talents of engineering and science majors. RSE produces solutions that contribute to industry, recreation, and medical research.

122. Strategic Education through Naval Systems Experiences (SENSE)

The Strategic Education through Naval Systems Experiences (SENSE) Enterprise’s mission is to enable the workforce of tomorrow to redefine the boundaries for air, land, sea, and cyber supremacy through experiential learning and discovery. Students will design, build, and test engineering systems with a focus on Navy applications in all domains: space, air, land, sea, and undersea. Get hands-on experiences with cutting-edge defense technologies that directly impact the safety and success of the armed forces. Prepare for civilian employment opportunities in Department of Defense research labs or with DoD contractors.

123. Velovations

Velovations is a bicycle design Enterprise dedicated to collaborating with the bicycle industry to develop new products and processes. The goal is to educate team members in the fundamentals of product development— from customer need through product and process design and testing, manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing, and distribution. Velovations leverages multiple majors including mechanical, electrical, business, and technical communications to deliver product and process innovations to the bicycle industry.

124. Wireless Communication

The Wireless Communication Enterprise (WCE) focuses on wireless, optical, renewable energy, user interface, and biomedical technologies. WCE functions much like an engineering company with a variety of different project teams. These small project teams allow team members to be very involved in project work and provide ample opportunity for them to gain technical skills, business presentation skills, and leadership experience.

125. High School Enterprise – Dollar Bay School SOAR

The SOAR Enterprise team designs, builds, and deploys underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), provides technical solutions to water-related research challenges, and serves as a resource for additive manufacturing investigations for local businesses. As a place-based service learning Enterprise, SOAR partners with local community organizations to monitor, research, and improve the local watershed. They support local businesses with rapid prototype and small-quantity part runs. Clients of SOAR present their needs and requirements to the Enterprise, and SOAR works to exceed their expectations with the delivery of the product. Current clients include Isle Royale National Park, Delaware Mine, OcuGlass, and Michigan Tech Great Lakes Research Center.