Senior Design, Teams 220-239

Team 220

Automated Distributed Configuration Management Systems

Automated Distributed Configuration Management Systems

Team 221

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Nexteer Bearing Noise Test Fixture

Team 222

Smart Pet Door

Team 223

EMP Mitigation Testing Procedure for Enclosures

Team 224

Lunar Trencher

Team 225

Turbine Engine Windmill Prevention and Thrust Vectoring

Team 226

Lunar Tech Development

Team 227

Eddy Current Inspection In-line Integration

Team 228

Aqueous Washer Tank

Team 229

Invasive Aquatic Plant Extractor

Team 230

Orthopedic Implant Nanotexturing Manufacturing System Simulation Tool

Team 231

Mission Trip High-Speed Drill System

Team 232

Road Marking Reflectivity Evaluator

Team 233

ITC Cellular Signal Measuring Tool

Team 234

Tailstock Redesign For Tormach 15L Slant-Pro CNC Lathe

Team 235

Low-Cost Underwater Acoustic Modem

Team 236

Transcatheter Single Ventricle Device

Team 237

An arc welder

Mercury Marine Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing

Team 238

Connector and Coupling Actuator for Mobile Electrical Microgrids

Team 239

SICK LiDAR Bat Detection Device