Senior Design, Teams 201-219

Team 201

Medical Device Ball Bearing Temperature Test Fixture

Team 202

Radiofrequency Ablation Modeling and Validation of Cannula Designs

Team 203

Airport Needs Design Challenge

Team 204

Vehicle Body Structure Component Design Using Pultrusion

Team 205

Digital Engineering Tool for Impact Assessment in Rack Based EPS Systems

Team 206

Intraoperative EMG Waveform Identification

Team 207

Closed Loop Exhaust Aftertreatment Control System

Team 208

PLC Hardware in the Loop Simulation

Team 209

An rendering of the rapid brake system

Rapid Brake System Test Filtering

Team 210

Michigan Tech Foundry Induction Furnace Ventilation Ring

Team 211

Pneumatic Flow Totalizer

Team 212

Hospital Washer Auto Sampler Usage & Data Optimization

Team 213

Decorative image: a nebula with locks superimposed over it

Penetration Testing Course

Team 214

Automation of ISO 10555-1 Intravascular Catheter Corrosion Test

Team 215

Ground Force Commander Simulation

Team 216

Use of Patient-Specific Geometry to Improve Interventional Structural Heart Procedures

Team 217

A drawing of a cloud

Cloud Computing Cost Analysis

Team 218

Ice Resurfacing Machine

Team 219

Extrusion Press Shear