English Language Institute (ELI)


Proficiency levels in the program are assigned based on student language performance upon arrival at Michigan Tech. Language performance is based on all parts of the placement testing process. Faculty members use part of the first week of instruction to find out if students are accurately placed. Courses provide students with opportunities to perform language tasks that enable faculty to judge student proficiency levels.

Time-to-Completion Matrix

table*Beginner courses (marked in green) are not CEA accredited


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There are four phases to the placement process:

  • Phase I:           TOEFL ITP, Test of Written English, and Interview
  • Phase II:         Placement into courses
  • Phase III:        In-course diagnostic evaluation
  • Phase IV:        Placement adjustments

 Students who score higher than the range:

  • 550 and higher on the TOEFL ITP—Interview and writing sample to determine whether they exit completely with UN1012 or take ESL0491, 0492, 0493, or 0490 depending on sub-scores.