English Language Institute (ELI)

Online English Language Assessments

The English Language Institute offers a number of English Language Assessments. Our online assessments, conducted over Zoom, include the Scholar English Language Assessment for scholars coming to conduct research at Michigan Tech and the Exchange Student English Language Assessment for International Exchange students.


Scholar English Language Assessment

The Scholar English Language Assessment is designed to help ensure that scholars are able to use language at a level that would allow them to be self-sufficient in the community while conducting research their research.

  • This Assessment is not intended to measure academic ability.
  • This assessment must be requested through a department coordinator and paid for when scheduling: Request an Online Assessment


Exchange Student English Language Assessment

The Exchange Student English Language Assessment is a hybrid assessment that attempts to measure a students level of listening and speaking in a more academic context as well as basic communication.

  • The desire is to see if the student would be able to place at or above the IESL Transitional level. 

  • The cost of one of these assessment are $25 each.
  • It can be purchased directly from TechShop.

If you have any other questions, please contact at eli@mtu.edu.