English Language Institute (ELI)

Process to Request Editing Services

If you have a piece of writing that you would like to have edited, please follow the instructions below.

1. Submit your writing (preferably in Microsoft Word) along with a request for services to eli@mtu.edu

Include the Date and Time the service needs to be completed by and the type of services you are requesting:
            a. Editing Only
            b. Editing plus a face-to-face revision conference 

2. The editor will perform a free sample edit. They will then respond with an estimate of the hours needed to edit the complete document and discuss the revision if requested. 

3.  When you receive this estimate, visit the ELI store front and enter this estimated number of hours in the "Quantity" box. 

4. Completing the order will place your credit card number on hold, but it will not be charged until after services are completed.

5. If the number of hours needed changes, the editor will inform you of the change and discuss what you wish to do.

6. After the final meeting or editing is complete, you will receive an invoice for the total number of hours that were spent on the project. This is when your credit card will finally be processed. 

Cost: $25/hour