English Language Institute (ELI)

Michigan Technological University's English Language Institute (ELI) helps you excel and communicate in and outside the classroom—and wherever your career may take you. Successfully completing the program means you will be proficient in speaking, writing, reading, and reporting on research. The program focuses on academic English, but also assists with communication in everyday life.

We exist to serve Michigan Tech international students, faculty, and their families by supporting their language needs and connecting them to the broader community. 

Welcome to the English Language Institute

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Greeting Message from Michigan Tech

At the ELI, we offer a range of courses including a full-time IESL curriculum, short courses, business English courses, community English program, and courses for international high school students. Michigan Tech was recently ranked the #1 safest college in the U.S.! 

We also host many activities on campus and provide ESL tutoring services.

Why Enroll in our ELI Program?

As an ELI student, you will

  • Develop strong English and intercultural skills useful for academic study at Michigan Tech.
  • Benefit from well-designed courses and learn from excellent and experienced teachers with strong professional training.
  • Receive careful attention from teachers and valuable interactions due to small class sizes. 
  • Enjoy access to Michigan Tech learning and recreational facilities.
  • Be invited to participate and practice new skills at fun social events within the ELI program and across campus.
  • Live and learn in a small, friendly college-town community.


"Being a graduate student at MTU, I have authored research papers and project reports. The ELI program has given me the right direction to sharpen my writing skills with professional coaching and one to one mentoring."  
Sandesh More, graduate student
"ELI at Michigan Tech is a helpful tool for students to prepare for the actual academic classes. The program helped me a lot during my first year."
Daniel Wu, undergraduate student