Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Double Major

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A double major is a Michigan Tech bachelor's degree with two majors and is granted when requirements of both curricula are satisfied at the same time. A student who completes a double major will be awarded one diploma listing both majors, for example, “Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering with an additional major in Electrical Engineering.” Visit the Michigan Tech Double Majors page.

Planning a double major with CpE and EE:

Requirements depend on the year and/or catalog term you began. Electives you choose may increase credits taken. The flowcharts, below, show the minimum number of credits needed. Meet with Judy (Donahue) Burl for planning help. Call 487-2550 to schedule an appointment. Your request to ADD a double-major must be submitted in Banweb.

By choosing EE courses as your CpE Technical Electives, you can reduce the number of additional credits needed. However, it is best to select the CpE Technical Electives you want on your resume and to prepare you for your career.

Suggested double-major flowcharts:

5-year plans:                         5-yr w/ Co-op
CpE-EE 2018-2019
CpE-EE 2017-2018
CpE-EE 2016-2017
CpE-EE 2015-2016
CpE-EE 2014-2015
CpE-EE 2013-2014