Cross Campus Education Initiative

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As stated in our the proposal, we will develop, fund, and coordinate diversity programming for faculty, staff, and students focused on cultural competency, recognizing bias, bystander training, ally training and more. Some training already exists on campus, but is currently not coordinated into a comprehensive training suite available to all faculty, staff, and students. We proposed expanding programming currently available to new and wider populations. Each program will need substantial modifications to adapt to different cohorts and power groups (e.g., higher administrators, supervisors, faculty, staff, students), which also requires more staff time and resources.

In Fall 2019, we will pilot Everfi Diversity: Inclusion in the Workplace online training with an in-person workshop. The Task Force has identified two cohorts, who will participate in three online modules with accompanying workshops. Over the fall semester, the cohorts will complete the training and provide feedback to strengthen and enhance the workshops, with the goal of opening these trainings to all of campus in the Spring semester.

Providing meaningful incentives to individuals to participate in extensive diversity related training is imperative to the success of this goal. Currently, most of these programs are voluntary, ensuring that only those who are most committed to inclusion benefit from them, or simply results in preaching to the choir. Faculty and staff who participate in six on campus/on-line training opportunities, upon completion will be recognized a Diversity Champion. We will measure the success of this initiative by the increased number of Diversity Champions on campus each year, and the number of faculty and staff who become facilitators of these trainings. This will demonstrate to the campus that we value diversity, equity, and inclusion and we appreciate and recognize those who participate.