Alumni Recruitment Specialist


Michigan Tech has a large network of alumni, many who identify as members of underrepresented groups (URG), with successful careers and deep community connections.

 In close collaboration with Michigan Tech's Recruitment Office, we will contract with key alumni in targeted metro markets such as Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Grand Rapids with large populations of underrepresented students that haven't been exposed to Michigan Tech. Alumni will work closely with our Regional Admission Management (RAM) Specialist who focuses on recruiting students, building networking and fostering relationships resulting in an increase number of students attending Tech. 

These alumni will have extensive training and will be directly impacting the future of students who may not have seen themselves at Michigan Tech before developing that relationship with the alumni. The alumni will be compensated fairly and recognized for their knowledge of the industry they are in and their overall ability to encourage students to attend Michigan Tech. 

In year one, we have identified Minneapolis, MN and Grand Rapids, MI as areas to pilot this exciting initiative. 


Recruitment Specialist. Grand Rapids, MI

I enjoy being able to inspire students. At the core, my job is to build relationships with students...  The rewarding part for me is just knowing that someone is fortunate enough to experience MTU and leave knowing that they can truly create whatever they put their mind to.

Arick Davis Headshot
Arick Davis
B.S. Electrical Engineering, MTU 2016. Consultant & Developer for Empathy Tech
Recruitment Specialist. Minneapolis, MN

Anytime I can use my skill set to introduce students to amazing opportunities at Michigan Tech I am all for it. Especially, underrepresented students who may not have the resources or access to do so.... Many times it isn't that students don't want to go to college or study STEM, its a lot deeper than that you have to factor in access, resources, family dynamics, exposure, and relatability.

Donzell Dickson Headshot
Donzell Dixson
B.S. Finance, MTU 2014. Business Analyst/Data Scientist