Task Force for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The President’s Council Task Force for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is composed of Michigan Tech administrators charged with implementing a range of fast start diversity, equity, inclusion, and sense of belonging (DEIS) initiatives. Team members are strategically positioned to bring about positive change across the University and to set the groundwork for progress in the future.


Bold text indicates when each outcome was implemented. Other items listed as they happen.

  1. DEIS Task Force launched with charge from President Koubek. Group meets every two weeks (February 12, 2021).
  2. OVPDI at full strength with the Center for Diversity and Inclusion brought under the umbrella of the OVPDI office and the hiring of new director of diversity and inclusion operations and executive assistant (March 8, 2021).
  3. OVPDI website launched (March 9, 2021).
  4. University-wide DEIS strategic plan submitted to the administration for review (March 22, 2021).
  5. Draft proposal for DEIS external advisory board created and circulated for commentary (March 24, 2021).
  6. University-wide DEIS strategic plan approved by the President's Council and will now move forward to the Dean's Council for review (April 20, 2021).
  7. Telemental health supplemental counseling service announced to campus (April 28, 2021).
  8. Student DEIS Commission announced to campus as launching in fall 2021 (May 28, 2021).
  9. DEIS Alumni Advisory Board announced to campus and invitations sent to inaugural board members for fall 2021 launch (June 22, 2021).
  10. University-wide DEIS strategic plan completed and released to the MTU community (July 22, 2021).


February 2021

  • President Koubek announces team and issues task force charge
  • Meetings begin and team develops initial action items

March 2021

  • Task Force webpage creation to showcase new and ongoing DEIS initiatives
  • Updates on OVPDI (Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion) staffing and organization
  • Development and announcement of new DEIS Advisory Board
  • Development and announcement of new Student DEIS Commission with access to the administration to facilitate meaningful change
  • Announcement and rollout of University-wide DEIS strategic plan

April 2021

  • Launch Student DEIS Commission 
  • Expand the website to highlight ongoing initiatives from past years that continue to impact DEIS
  • Develop a preview of University-wide DEIS strategic plan, including its vision, timeline, and implementation process

May 2021

  • Finalize University-wide DEIS strategic plan for public release
  • Begin process of developing unit DEIS strategic plans, including timeline for completion of plans and implementation reports