Dining Centers

Food Policy

To strengthen and promote safe handling, preparation, and distribution of food, and to help reduce excess liability, all food distributed or sold on campus must be furnished by Michigan Tech Dining Services. For more information, please see the University Food Policy.

Report Safety Concerns and Near Misses

Dining Customer Issue

Please tell us if you have an issue with any of our products or services. We want to fix it and make it right for you.


Dining Customer Issue Submission Form


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Meal Plan Information

Do you want a fast and easy way to pay for eating on campus? Not sure which meal plan is right for you? Use our quick meal plan finder to see what plans you qualify for or check out all the meal plan options. Learn which plans can be used in which locations, how much they cost, how to purchase them and who is eligible. There is a meal plan available for everyone.


Department Charge Form - Retail Locations

Department Charge Form - Guest Meals

Department Charge Form - Gift Cards C-Cubed Luncheons

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