If You Have Food Allergies

The goal of the Dining Services staff is to provide students and other customers with safe, nutritious meals. Students and customers should review the information below if they have food allergies, sensitivities or preferences.

  • Ask Dining Services staff about ingredients in unlabeled foods prior to consuming them.
  • Never assume that an unlabeled dish is allergen-free or meat-free.
  • Packaged and processed foods may contain trace amounts of food items not identified on the label.
  • All information provided by Dining Services staff is to the best of staff members' knowledge and should not be considered a guarantee that the food does not contain a certain item.
  • Recipes and ingredient lists are available upon request.
  • The production staff prepares food with clean hands, non-latex gloves and clean pans, knives, utensils and work surfaces.
  • Dining Services staff receives food allergy and food sensitivity training annually.

Meet With Staff

Students may contact Jill Patterson, Dining Services Manager at bake-l@mtu.edu to set up an appointment. Bring any physician documentation of food allergy or sensitivity to the appointment.

Dining Services management will review the weekly menu and familiarize students with food allergies about Dining Services resources. They will also arrange a meeting with the Dining Services production and service staff to answer any recipe and food ingredient questions.

For prepared food items, the supervisor on duty can assist with alternate menu selections as needed.

Allergen Tips

  • All Residence Hall Dining Centers have gluten-free bread, entrees and pizza crusts available upon request.
  • Residence Hall Dining Centers do have the most common allergens present in the food production areas and equipment is used in the preparation of a variety of items.
  • Self-service food areas do present the danger of cross-contamination.
  • Menu items with less obvious ingredients, such as nuts, will be listed on posted signs as often as possible.
  • Common ingredients such as milk, flour and wheat are the responsibility of the student to observe.
  • Ground meat combination foods usually contain soy proteins.
  • Manufacturers can change formulation without notice.

Allergic Reaction

If someone is having an allergic reaction, call 911 immediately. A Dining Services staff member will stay with the individual until medical help arrives while someone else watches for and directs medical personnel to the customer in need. If the individual carries an EpiPen, they may use it, but 911 should still be contacted immediately.