Table Tents

Keweenaw Commons and DHH, McNair, Wadsworth Dining Halls

Table tents—8.5-inch by 11-inch sheets of paper folded into fourths—are a low-cost advertising method to reach a large number of students, staff and faculty with announcements about current events. Tents must be approved by our staff.

  1. Design your table tent.  Make sure it is non-discriminatory and not on lime green paper (this color is only used for memorial union and residence hall information).  Be sure you include your organization or department name on it.
  2. Submit your table tent for approval:
    1. Email a PDF of to with ‘Table Tent’ and your organization or department name in the subject line
    2. Or drop a hard copy off in the Memorial Union and Dining Services Office, Room 101
  3. After receiving approval, you can print your table tents. Copy amounts are: Keweenaw Commons,120; DHH, 35; McNair, 50; and Wads, 97.
  4. Place your table tents.  Table tents in each location are recycled every weekend and in the Commons when an event is scheduled there.