Frequently Asked Questions


I live in a residence hall and I'm sick. How do I get my meals?

Let your RA know you aren't feeling well. If you live in a residence hall and have an unlimited meal plan and are unable to come to the dining hall your RA will go to the hall and let the ID checker know there is an ill student.   can then come to the Dining Hall and let the ID Checker know that they have a sick student. We will make up a tray for you; your RA can bring it to your room. 


I live in a residence hall and have meetings and/or classes during the entire meal period on a certain day. How can I get my meal?

Most Unlimited Meal Plans come with Dining Dollars you can use to purchase a meal to go at another dining center. You can also ask the dining hall manager for a sack lunch in advance, so we can have your meal ready for you.


Is there a campus food policy?

To strengthen safe food handling, preparation, and distribution of food, and help reduce excess liability, all food distributed or sold on campus must be furnished by Michigan Tech Dining Services.  For more detailed information, please see the University Food Policy.


Can I send my student a cake for their birthday?

Dining Services offers several care package options you can send to your student, including cakes, cookies, bars, and packages. View the menu and place your order.