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            Tuesday,             January 14

Understanding Anxiety

 What causes anxiety, what makes it better or worse, how can you control yours..?

      Wednesday,       January 15

College: Am I Doing this Right?

 Focus on your goals, and learn how to say NO to over-commitment!

           Tuesday,             January 21

 Communication 101

Get better at breaking the ice, holding conversations, & making connections.

      Wednesday,       January 22

Time Management

 Maximize your time, using a system that works for you!

          Tuesday,             January 28

 Healthy Living

 Cold, Flu, fighting the winter blues?  Set yourself up for a healthy winter!

      Wednesday,       January 29


Learn how to improve your motivation and stop procrastinating!

        Tuesday,          February 4

Recycle your Stress

Say goodbye to stress.  Get tips on de-stressing your life.

   Wednesday,    February 5

Winter Carnival Giveaway

 Stop by for free food, prizes and Winter Carnival supplies!!

      Tuesday,          February 11

Formula-Based Studying

 What the heck are you actually supposed to study?  Find out!

   Wednesday,    February 12

Debunking the Myths of Counseling

 Get your mental health check-up today!

      Tuesday,          February 18

Resume Blitz

Bring your resume for a 10 minute review before Career Fair.

   Wednesday,    February 19

Mindfulness Fair

Get freebies, learn about mindfulness, and unwind after a busy day.

            Tuesday,               March 3

 Rethinking Failure

Failure is a state of mind.  Rethink how you can learn from failure.

        Wednesday,         March 4


Gain skills to improve your motivation and stop procrastinating!

          Tuesday,               March 17

Seize the Awkward

Find out how you can help a friend with their mental health.

       Wednesday,         March 18

Sleep Habits

Get free sleep kits and learn about how to get better Zzzz's!

          Tuesday,               March 24

Cooking on your Own

Hands-on food prep for healthy snacks & meals for one!

       Wednesday,         March 25

Effective Transitions

Learn how to manage transitions in your life - changing positions in your org., moving back home for the summer, or off to a new job or internship.

           Tuesday,               March 31

Asking for a Friend

Questions about mental health & well-being?  Come 'n' ask 'em!

          Wednesday,          April 1

Financial Well-Being

Learn how to best manage your finances, now and after you graduate!

            Tuesday,            April 7

Food on the Go!

Free food - learn how to make meals and snacks for your on-the-go lifestyle.

        Wednesday,         April 8 

How to be Assertive

Do you struggle to stand up for yourself or resort to aggression?  Lean to be firm and fair when getting what you want.

              Tuesday,               April 14

Dear Stress

Dear stress, please leave me alone...  Learn how to reduce your stress

              Tuesday,               April 15

Mind & Body Check-up

Check in with yourself and prep for the main event -  finals week.

              Tuesday,                April 21 and 22

Exam Survival

 Stop by and get your free exam survival kit!


                       **All Husky Hour events take place from 4-5 p.m. in the Library East Reading Room**

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