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Wednesday, September 18th

Live in the Moment 

Do you feel like your mind is always racing through your to-do list? Like somehow you've been working through your day but don't remember specifics? Turn off auto-pilot and tune-into yourself, and learn how to live in the moment.

Tuesday, September 24th 

Sleep Better, Live Better 

Sleep. It keeps us going. Taking care of yourself is number one when it comes to maintaining a busy student life and staying happy and healthy. Learn how to improve your sleep so you feel better every day! 

Wednesday, September 25th 

Board Game Break

Here's your official excuse for a study break! Set your textbook aside for a little while and join us for a few hours of game-playing.

Tuesday, October 1st

Good Food, Good Mood

The old saying is true... you are what you eat! Learn how to make better, easy food choices for school, work and play with Margaret Hanson from Teach to Taste

Wednesday, October 2nd

Essential Oils-How to


Send Silence Packing - National Display

Join us for a relaxing and uplifting event this week as we learn how to make essential oils inhalers for on the go!  Learn  how about essential oils can help aid in stress reduction and mood improvement!


Husky Hour will also be showcasing the Send Silence Packing Display, when Michigan Tech's Campus will be lined with backpacks. Each backpack is part of the national display, Send Silence Packing, that draws attention to suicide prevention and awareness. Counselors will be available to help throughout the event.  

Tuesday, October 8th 

Dear Stress, Let's Break-Up

Is stress running your life? Need some tools to reduce your stress? Learn how to handle stress so that you can be your best you!

Wednesday, October 9th 

It Starts with You

Join Counseling Services and Student Health and Wellness for a free mental health screening.

Tuesday, October 15th

Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes the middle of the semester can leave people feeling lonely and isolated. Join us for some social interaction and learn ways to "keep swimming" through the end of the semester. Who knows, maybe you'll even meet a new "chum"!

Wednesday, October 16th

Pet Break

Need a break? Miss your pet from home? Husky Hour goes on the road to the Copper Country Humane Society to spend some quality time with the animals looking for forever homes.  The group will meet in the Library East Reading Room at 4 and leave for the bus at 4:05 p.m. The bus is limited to the first 9 participants.

Tuesday, October 22nd

Midterm Reboot

Is your semester feeling long? Take some time to consider how to give yourself a reboot to improve upon what you are doing or stay on track and finish strong.

Wednesday, October 23rd

The Flu Ends with U

Feeling sick? Do you know the difference between the cold and flu? Know when to see the doctor? Learn the answers to the "when" questions and gain some information on preventing the cold and flu this season.

Tuesday, October 29th

Super Hero Dynamics 

Are you ready to form your own super hero team? Well first you need to develop some super team dynamics.

Wednesday, October 30th

Stretched and Unstressed

Take some time to relax, you've earned it! Join Huskies Fit instructors as they walk you through techniques to relax your bodies and decrease tension.

Tuesday, November 5th

Yes, not Sex is the Answer

Join Student Health and Wellness Peer Educators and learn about Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships. This is a hands-on workshop that you won't want to miss!

Wednesday, November 6th 

Food on the Go: Cheap, Healthy, Fast

Need some ideas on healthy food options that are cheap, easy to make and good on the go? Join Teach to Taste's Margaret Hanson for this delicious workshop. (Yes, samples are included!)

Tuesday, November 12th 

Failure is a State of Mind: How to Turn Mistakes, Challenges and Rejection into Opportunities

Everyone experiences setbacks from time to time. Learn how to rethink how you feel about failure and use it as an opportunity to grow.

Wednesday, November 13th 

Build your Network

Meet new people, build stuff with LEGOs, eat some snacks.

Tuesday, November 19th

Less Drinking More Thinking

Find out what other students on campus are doing, how to help, and when it’s dangerous. Find out what you need to know to keep yourself and community safe.

Wednesday, November 20th

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your Stress

Thanksgiving break is almost here! Join us to learn ways to channel your stress into productivity.

Tuesday, December 3rd

Getting Your Zzzzs

Sleep. It keeps us going. Learn how to improve your sleep so you feel better every day!

Wednesday, December 4th 

Finals: the Other F Word

Final Exams are coming whether you like it or not. Whether you have room to improve or you are already on course for a solid finish, learn some strategies to help maximize your time for finals prep.

Tuesday, December 10th

Relax, Unwind and Indulge

Finals week is almost here! Take a break and join us for fun, food, and trivia!

Wednesday, December 11th 

Getting Learnt on Being Turnt 

Alcohol is widely talked about on campus, for many reasons. Learn how to navigate college life and make choices that are healthy and safe, while looking out for your peers from a student perspective.


                       **All Husky Hour events take place from 4-5 p.m. in the Library East Reading Room**

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