Michigan Tech has a contract with TurnItIn® to use their service. Turnitin’s OriginalityCheck® helps instructors check students’ work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against their text comparison database.  When a file is submitted, Turnitin shows how much of the student’s paper matches content from their databases so instructors can quickly understand how much of the paper is unoriginal.

The instructor will be able to see the results in the Originality Report, including what percent of the student’s document matches other documents, and what those other documents are.  

Canvas Course Setup

Turnitin® is integrated into the Assignments tool in Canvas. Students can see the results of their Originality Report in Canvas too.  Instructors can make them available to students immediately, after the assignment is graded, or after the due date. Instructors can check the “Enable Turnitin Submissions Evaluations” box when creating or editing Assignments in Canvas.  When Turnitin is enabled, online file upload and text entry submissions by students for that Assignment will automatically be submitted to Turnitin.com for an OriginalityCheck. For more information about using Turnitin in Canvas, refer to these links:

We recommend that you include information about Turnitin in your syllabus if you intend to use this tool in your course. A sample Turnitin.com syllabus statement is provided below:

Michigan Tech has a license agreement with Turnitin.com, a service that helps prevent plagiarism by comparing student submissions with Turnitin’s continuously growing database of student source documents and Internet sources.  As part of this course, I will utilize turnitin.com in the Canvas learning management system to determine the originality of your work. Submitting your assignment to Canvas implies your consent for Turnitin's evaluation. You retain copyright on your original course work. For more information, see Turnitin.com.

For more information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, and to sign up for eLearning workshops, visit the Canvas One Stop page.

Unique Situations that Require Turnitin Outside Canvas

For Faculty wishing to create a web-based account with turnitin.com to use PeerMark® and/or GradeMark®, or to use Originality Check® outside of Canvas, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning to discuss set-up of a web-based account.

Thesis or Dissertation Submission to Turnitin

Refer to the Graduate School website for additional information about formatting and preparing theses and dissertations.